[Samba] domain admins group in samba 3.0.7 question

Neil Muller neil at neologix.net
Mon Mar 28 06:14:26 GMT 2005

I have a samba 3.0.7 pdc (suse 9.2 pro) and want to automatically add 
the ntadmins group to the local administrators group on each domain 
member workstation. The mydomain/Domain Admins group seems to be added 
automatically to the Administrators group on the local workstation but I 
can't find a way to either map or directly create members of this group.

I have looked a the "net groupmap add ..." command but it seems to 
require an existing windows pdc.

What am I missing? The pdc seems to work ok as I can add/remove machines 
  to/from the domain and can logon to the domain using samba users.

Any help will be appreciated.


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