[Samba] BDC problem!? user can't get profile/map drive

Carmen Wai carmen_wai at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 27 04:33:07 GMT 2005


I have set up a PDC using Samba 3.0.11 with openldap
2.2.23. I have set up a BDC as well (the smb.conf is
same as those on PDC except the nebios name as "BDC"
and the domain master is set as "no"). 

Then I try to shut down my PDC to check whether the
client login through the BDC. I found that my client
(on Window NT) are able to authenticated by BDC, but
it keeps saying that it can't retrieve the user
profile. Also the user's home drive can't map to
client PC machine. 

How can i solve this problem? I check that my openldap
has kept the user samba account information in which
the map drive and the profile path as //PDC/homes and
//PDC/profiles. Is that mean, if I am using BDC, it is
failed to find the //PDC/homes and //PDC/profiles?

Thanks a lot!

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