JT, Jerry, Chris, Andrew??? Anything new was:Re: [Samba] Extremely slow duringbrowsing some directories

david rankin drankin at cox-internet.com
Sat Mar 26 06:07:54 GMT 2005

> Jerry penned:
>> David, First off could you give 3.0.12rc1 a test.  There's been a lot
>> of changes since 3.0.7.
>> Along another path is that it sounds like are having oplock
>> break timeouts.  Trying setting 'oplocks = no' in one share
>> just as a temporary test.

JT, Jerry, Chris, etc..

    I can confirm that the problem I see is Office 2003 related. The AndX 
and Tans2 problems are unique to the "file->open" or "file->save/save as" 
dialog behavior of the package. XP windows explorer can descend the 
directories w/o problem. Office 2000 has no problem either. I am not smart 
enough to tell you what the problem is. The MS 'lack' of knowledge base 
doesn't address the issue at all (at least that I can find).

    This is a BIG issue. It takes literally 30 seconds 'per folder' to use 
the Office 2003 dialogs to get to the folder you need. I don't know how busy 
you guys are right now, or how pressing this issue is, but when you get a 
spare moment, it is definately worth a look.

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