[Samba] Users can only belong to one group

Allen Miller allen4511 at cox.net
Fri Mar 25 03:00:17 GMT 2005

I have installed Samba-3.0.10 on a Red Hat 9.0 server.  I have upgraded my 
kernel to 2.6.10 in order to support POSIX ACLs (see snippet from my .config 
file).  The server is acting as a primary domain controller.  I have added 
Windows 2000 and XP machines to the domain successfully.  I can use User 
Manager for Domains, sort of.  I have added users and groups.  I can log in 
with domain user accounts.  However, it seems that a user can only belong to 
one global group at a time.  Why is this?  Anyone else have this problem?

.config snippet:

# File systems



Al Miller 

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