[Samba] problem with sharing a directory

Luís Miguel Silva lms at ispgaya.pt
Thu Mar 24 19:55:16 GMT 2005

Hello list,

Im a samba 3.x user with mysql authentication. It is all working wonderfull and
im using it right after the stable version 3.0 was released!

When i try to share a directory on windows and specify which user from my samba
domain is able to perform actions on that directory, not all users get listed!

This is very weird since only a quarter (maybe? not even remotly sure since we
have more then 900 users).

The only "abnormal" stuff im doing is adding the users with a application coded
by me. I added a user with smbpasswd and then saw which are the fields in the
mysql database that get filled.

Since i dont know how to generate all the fields (especially some stuff like
SSID or stuff like that), i copy the same exact information on those fields to
every user.

It all works good! the domain logon and smb shares!

I dont really think the problem is that but...im completly loose on what to try

Does anybody have/had a similiar problem? Can anybody help me?

I tried to google for my problem but i really dont know "where"/"what" to look
for! ;o)

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