[Samba] Re: Can a Samba server join multiple NT domain?

Yimin Chen ymchen at cisco.com
Thu Mar 24 18:22:21 GMT 2005

TBMDF wrote:

>> When you mention the trusts, you mean when the Samba server acting as 
>> a Domain controller and establish trusts with other domains, right?
>> I suppose it will not work for a Samba server that is just serving 
>> content?
> You just setup Samba to authenticate from one of the Domains, 

What does this mean that setup Samba to authentication from one of the 
Domains? Do you mean the password server configuration?

and add
> the machine account to that Domain Controller.
To make sure I understand it correctly, did you mean that if I have 
domainX and domainY, I can configure domainX DC as the password server 
for the Samba server, and also have the Samba server join DomainY (same 
as adding machine account to DomainY DC?)


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