[Samba] How to create samba share to be accessed by Active Directory users and groups

Brian Hadsock maillist at githosting.com
Thu Mar 24 16:11:32 GMT 2005

I have a Linux box with RedHat 3 ES and Samba 3.0.9.  How do I setup a share
that can be accessed by Active Directory users and groups?  I have Samba and
Kerberos installed and I was successful authenticating with Kerberos to the
Win2K3 machine via kinit.  I was also successful in having the Linux box
join the domain via the net command and the Linux machine shows up in the
Active Directory computers list.

I can also see a test share I created when I browse the domain from a
windows machine, I am just not able to access it.

The problem I have now, is how to configure the share so that it uses the
Active Directory users and groups.

Thanks for any help.

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