[Samba] Windows XP SP1: Cannot terminate program sample when logoff

Gerd-Christian Michalke gmichalk at freegates.be
Thu Mar 24 08:46:29 GMT 2005

Hi folks !

I have set up a samba 3.0.12 PDC whith LDAP, roaming profiles and so on. 
Everything works fine. We use WinNT, 2000, XP and XP SP1. I also found and 
implemented the different issues about XP SP1.

But I still have this problem: when I log off from the PDC on a XP SP1 box, it 
always wait a program called "sample" to finish. I checked the task manager 
but could not find such a process.

If somebody knows a workaround, I am interested ,-)

Kind regards,
G. Michalke

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