[Samba] Permission problems writing to Share from SQL Agent

Neil Aggarwal neil at JAMMConsulting.com
Wed Mar 23 21:12:56 GMT 2005


I have a client that is using MS SQL Server in a Windows 2003

They have a Linux machine (Fedora Core 3) that is acting as a file
server using Samba.

We want to write backups from the SQL Agent for SQL Server to
one of the shares on the Samba server.

If I set the share to allow guest access, the SQL Agent
can write the backups just fine using \\Shares\SQLBackups\pubs.bak
but, if I require a user name and password, it gives me
permission denied (Which I expect because I don't know how
to give it the user name and password to use).

I tried setting SQL Agent to use the Administrator account
and then mounted the share to Y: using the user name and
password I assigned, but when I try backing up to Y:,
I get that it could not find y:\pubs.bak

Has anyone set up SQL Agent to write to a Samba share
before?  Where/how do I give it the user name and password
to use?


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