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Tony Earnshaw tonye at billy.demon.nl
Wed Mar 23 18:23:52 GMT 2005


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"Manage Windows clients from Linux servers"

blahblahblah Zenworks 7, the latest release of Novell's sysadmin suite".
blahblahblah. "From now on, Zenworks makes it possible to manage a Windows
client from a Linux server".

Anyone there at Brainshare? Knows about Zenworks 7? How does Novell plan
to "manage Windows clients" from any Linux service? Can she (Novell), for
example, do a regedit[4] or mmc remotely?

I have the greatest regard for Novell; she invented NDS/eDirectory and has
always respected Open Source. Her NetWare market share has since then been
steadily decreasing, OpenLDAP/others and AD/ADS haven't helped. I'd like
to believe in Novell for the future, but I find it somewhat difficult.

I'm a Red Hat person, not a SuSE person. Perhaps that makes it more
difficult? Or does one have to go the whole hog and become a Novell



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