[Samba] SWAT and cups printing.

Greg Folkert greg at gregfolkert.net
Tue Mar 22 15:23:21 GMT 2005

I have been using swat for a really long time. This is the first I have
ever REALLY caught it doing something wrong.

In the latest version of SAMBA, with swat compiled at the same time
(with the explorer patch added afterward) I am fairly certain, I have
found and issue.

I am tooling along, I use swat to add a share. No problems, share works

About 10 minutes later, I start getting phone calls... about printing
failing. I try with my linux machine... no problems, cups is working,
must be samba.

Samba config looks fine to me, I restart it, still no printing. Well, I
get the people who MUST print now working using client side printing to
cups (not pretty on Win9X)

So, I start twiddling with the advanced printing area. Set to cups. misc
option... commands all look good. Commit.

Still no printers. I look at smb.conf. Hmmm, takes me about 3 minutes to
deduce the problem.

When SWAT wrote the smb.conf, set with printing = cups through SWAT, the
declaration is _*GONE*_. Since there is #No default# setting. All
printing goes away. I switch it to BSD temporarily... printing starts as
I have BSD print emul going to for a few legacy *NIX machines. I look at
the conf... it shows "printing = bsd" I think GREAT it just needed a
change, I wait for printing to catch up.

I use swat to change smb.conf to "printing = cups", printing falls over
again. Looking through smb.conf... the *IS* no "printing =" anymore. I
add it manually, restart samba. Voila We are good to go. Time to stay
away from Swat for a bit. Anytime you commit anything through SWAT it
removes the "printing = cups" unless it isn't set at "printing = cups"
then it leaves it.

This is a BIG pain. Any chance someone could look over it. I couldn't
find a problem with a cursory check (using grep and a few patterns I
sort of expected to find) and gained no insight.
greg, greg at gregfolkert.net

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