[Samba] users files going read only

alaslavic at havertys.com alaslavic at havertys.com
Tue Mar 22 13:27:34 GMT 2005

samba-bounces+alaslavic=havertys.com at lists.samba.org wrote on 03/22/2005
08:22:17 AM:

> Using Suse ES9 and Samba 3.0.10pre with Office 2000 SP3 my users files
> such as word and excel are going read only after several uses. All users
> are member of the same group looking for suggestions on how to fix this?
> Douglas Sterner
> --

I have had this problem with MS Office for a long time.  What I was seeing
was that the "owner" permission was set to read only, and it seemed to make
the file read-only for everyone, even people or groups that had rwx
permissions on an ACL.  To fix this I added:

force security mode = 700

to the share declarations in smb.conf where people were putting MS Office
files.  This ensures that the file at least has rwx permissions for the
owner, dodging the problem of having it show up as read only to everyone.

Hopefully that helps you.  I am open to better solutions if anyone else has


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