[Samba] Strong Session Key and XP

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Tue Mar 22 11:10:18 GMT 2005

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Anthony Linux wrote:

| I did a diff of the default Win XP security settings
| and what was applied by the template.  Found the
| culprit:  Domain Member -- Require Strong
| (Windows 2000 or later) Session Key: Enabled.
| Once I disabled that, it worked fine.  Users
| could login now, no problems.
| So, I wanted to share that tidbit, in case anyone
| else is having this problem.
| Also, I was wondering if Samba can satisfy this
| security setting?  That is, keep the Strong Session
| Key enabled on the XP workstation and configure the
| server to comply?  I'm worried that my security people
| won't like me deviating from their default template
| -- but if it's the only way to make it work, then so be
| it.

This is the 128-bit session key right ?  Andrew Bartlett
was working on that but has since jumped ship to work on
Samba 4.  So right now, no one is looking at this for
Samba 3.  But things can change.

cheers, jerry
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