[Samba] what are *.tdb files?

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Tue Mar 22 11:04:03 GMT 2005

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Adam Williams wrote:

| In /varcache/samba/ I have several .tdb files.
| Like brlock.tdb,  locking.tdb, ntdrivers.tdb, etc.
| Excusing my ignorance, what are these  files, and
| what do they do?  And why must they be copied when
| migrating  from one samba server to a new one?

Samba uses a lightweight database called Trivial Database
(tdb).  Here's the list  (john, we should really document
this somewhere).

(*) information persistent across restarts (but not
necessarily important to backup).

account_policy.tdb*	NT account policy settings
			such as pw expiration, etc...

brlock.tdb		byte range locks

browse.dat		browse lists

connections.tdb		share connections (used to enforce
			max connections, etc...)

gencache.tdb		generic caching db

group_mapping.tdb*	group mapping information

lang_en.tdb		Language encodings (i think).

locking.tdb		share modes & oplocks

login_cache.tdb*	bad pw attempts

messages.tdb		Samba messaging system

netsamlogon_cache.tdb*	cache of user net_info_3 struct
			from net_samlogon() request (as a
			domain member)

ntdrivers.tdb*		installed printer drivers

ntforms.tdb*		installed printer forms

ntprinters.tdb*		installed printer information

printing/		directory containing tdb per print
			queue of cached lpq output

registry.tdb		Windows registry skeleton
			(connect via regedit.exe)

sessionid.tdb		session information (e.g. support for
			'utmp = yes')

share_info.tdb*		share acls

unexpected.tdb		unexpected packet queue needed to
			support windows clients that respond
			on a difference port that the
			originating request)  (i could be wrong
~ 			on this one).

winbindd_cache.tdb	winbindd's cache of user lists, etc...

winbindd_idmap.tdb*	winbindd's local idmap db

wins.dat*		wins database when 'wins support = yes'

The following tdb's should be backed up IMO:


cheers, jerry
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