[Samba] Somebody had problem with long user names

Tony Earnshaw tonye at billy.demon.nl
Mon Mar 21 19:08:29 GMT 2005

Tony Earnshaw:

> Schlomo Schapiro:
>> read the recent thread on vampire, there we discussed the question, if
>> usernames with spaces work on Linux. For example useradd "hello world"
>> won't work on any Linux system around me here (various SuSE). So maybe
>> you just have bad luck (sorry to tell you, but having usernames with
>> spaces can be only a MS invention) ? Or maybe you can use the username
>> map feature to map Jon Doe to Jon_Doe in Samba ? Or maybe write a patch
>> to do that on a lower level ?

> Names with spaces can be made to work work with LDAP (i.e. CN=John Doe,
> UID=jdoe (and is for that matter already more or less implemented with the
>  smbldap-tools for groups) but it's *a bad idea* and will break many
> tender things, complicate others unnecessarily.
> Posix-based systems were never meant for this.

FWIW I tested this out on:

Red Hat RHAS3
Samba 3-0.11
Openldap 2.2.23
Windows XP5 w/o patches Professional workstation.

Samba LDAP CNs and corresponding UIDs with spaces work. On my
installation, Windows (i.e. Samba) home directories and profile
directories get made automatically, correctly, at the first user logon.

Bugger it, I didn't want it to work, but it does.

What's more, the user can log into a normal Unix/Linux console using his
double-barreled name, perfectly normally (if only his $HOME env is set
correctly in LDAP). Whether or not this Unix login works with anyone's own
particular LDAP setup or not, depends greatly on the value for the
pam_login_attribute in /etc/ldap.conf (PADL's *not* OpenLDAP's
configuration file). Mine's set to "CN", but yours might be set to "UID"
(the default).

What this means in practice is, (the good news) that OP doesn't have to go
over to Windows on his workstation, but (the bad news) that he he *does*
have to implement an up-to-date Samba/OpenLDAP solution. If he hasn't used
OpenLDAP earlier, this might take him a while (like weeks, took me many
months, couple of years).

Anyone who wants further info would do best to start a separate thread,
since this one is old.


mail: tonye at billy.demon.nl

mail: tonye at billy.demon.nl

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