[Samba] Windows XP traffic Increase

Eric Feldhusen efeldhusen at chartermi.net
Mon Mar 21 02:53:19 GMT 2005

John H Terpstra wrote:
> On Sunday 20 March 2005 03:55, Honey Bajaj wrote:
>>I have configured samba domain in our network of around 150 windows node,
>>we are running 4 Samba server, Samba acts as PDC, member server, everything
>>was running fine with windows 98, until we start upgrading our systems to
>>windows xp, the network started becoming choke and problem of slow access
>>arises everyday, I have checked with ethereal and the traffic generated by
>>windows xp is almost thrice for the same work which windows 98 did. Please
>>provide me some solution to overcome this problem.
> Wow, only twice the traffic! Something tells me your metrics are a little off. 
> From my evaluation it is more like 3-5 times as much traffic for the same 
> operations, but it makes a difference what you are measuring.
> For example, opening a directrory with 1000 or so file in Windows Explorer 
> could cost up to 6 times more I/O traffic.
> Windows XP SP2 is a beast for traffic increase. The solution is revert to 98 - 
> or else bit-the-bullet by migrating to Linux.

I have noticed a similar problem to this as I began moving from Windows 
98 to Windows 2000 a couple of years ago at a school I system adm.  I 
thought at it was purely due to how Windows 2k/XP handled their roaming 
profiles with all the data that moves back and forth during 
login/logout.  Any thoughts on what the reason is for the increased i/o 
for similar operations?

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