[Samba] Linking shares via WAN or VPN

Alexander Staudt alex at ev-ibiza.com
Fri Mar 18 17:41:55 GMT 2005

Hello List,

here´s what i got:

2 Boxes running Samba 3 with LDAP as Backend, one in each Location.
The Authentification works fine via the Wan-Link, that´s not the problem.
However, since we want the Users to be able to roam not only inside the
Offices - but also betweeen them - we need to implement a system that
also keeps the actual Data and Profiles in Sync. ATM, we´re using UNISON
  to do this, which works perfectly EXCEPT: If one of the files has been
modified on both sides, it won´t update.

My Question now is: Is there a possibility to lock files on different
Samba Servers over a WAN-Link (i could install a VPN too, if necessary,
atm using ssh) ? e.g. like make them exchange messages like "uhm, please
lock file XYZ, one of my folks down here is changing it as we speak".

Other possibility would be making on Side sort of a
"caching-Samba-Server", which is not possible i think (or only possible
in means of Authentification - PDC - BDC)

I don´t know if this really belongs in this group, but i thought i could
give it a shot, as it is somehow Samba-related.

Thanx in advance for any suggestions (i would want to hear ´em all !),
Greetings from Ibiza, Baleares.

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