[Samba] Re: os level = 65

Alexander Staudt alex at ev-ibiza.com
Fri Mar 18 14:38:28 GMT 2005

Andreas Bauer wrote:
> Hello!
> what means os level = 65 in smb.conf?
> Best regards
> Andreas 
os level (G)
This integer value controls what level Samba advertises itself as for 
browse elections. The value of this parameter determines whether nmbd(8) 
has a chance of becoming a local master browser for the WORKGROUP in the 
local broadcast area.

Note :By default, Samba will win a local master browsing election over 
all Microsoft operating systems except a Windows NT 4.0/2000 Domain 
Controller. This means that a misconfigured Samba host can effectively 
isolate a subnet for browsing purposes. See BROWSING.txt in the Samba 
docs/ directory for details.

Default: os level = 20

Example: os level = 65

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