[Samba] Re: Reinstallation of a samba server

Alexander Staudt alex at ev-ibiza.com
Fri Mar 18 13:51:16 GMT 2005

Timo Haberkern wrote:
> Hello together,
> i'm running samba 2 on a red hat system. This system is not very stable, 
> so we want to reinstall it completely. We are using samba as a domain 
> controller for the windows client. My question. What happens to the 
> local user profile folders on every client if i setup a new samba server 
> (naming the Domain and users as in the old system)? Of course we want to 
> keep all data in the profile folders intact (i.e. mozilla mail folder 
> and so on). Can this be done without problem?
> Timo

Just copy it over to the new machine.
As i do presume your folders have the names of the users,
perhaps run a little script "chowning" the folders to the new users,
as they probably have different UID´s on the new server.
After all, Data is Data, only issue could be the rigths management.


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