[Samba] Re: Configure Samba with non-standard OpenLDAP location

Dariusz Lis darlis at poczta.onet.pl
Wed Mar 16 22:58:38 GMT 2005

> Tony Earnshaw:
> > Dariusz Lis:
> > How to configure (and compile) Samba with non-standard OpenLDAP
> > location?
> > Is it possible?
> Basically, yes. It all depends on where the LDAP libraries (libldap,
> liblber) were told to look for ${prefix} during the OpenLDAP compilation.
> When Samba source (or srpm installation) is compiled, it should find them
> automatically, depending on your systems library database (e.g.Red Hat
> Linux ldconfig/ld.so.conf - 'cat /etc/ld.so.conf').

My real problem is Samba's configure script, and not finding LDAP libraries
(this is OK). I don't know how to tell it about non-standard location of
OpenLDAP's header files.


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