[Samba] Winbind, pam_mkhomedir.so problem with long usernames

Horacio Vico hvico at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 17 13:06:49 GMT 2005

Hi, I've been succesfully connecting my SuSE Linux (since version 9.0) to my 
organization's NT domain using Samba's Winbind. The thing is multiple users 
use my PC, not only myself. Though it was also necessary to setup my pam.d 
to automatically create their home folders at first logon (using 

My NT user is something like "jdoe" but there are some users that have this 
kind of usernames: "John Doe" (notice the space between John an Doe).

When I log into a terminal with this kind of users the home folder is 
created successfully and I can log in and work normally. The problem is with 
KDM, when I try to log in with this users it just does not work, it tries to 
look for preferences into "/home/john" instead of "/home/john\ doe" . That 
is really annoying because I cannot manuallyassign a home folder for every 
user that could work on this PC.

I am the only user inside this organization that uses Linux on its computer, 
and if I cannot make this work I'll have to switch to Windows :=( . Please 

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