[Samba] samba pdc + winbind possible ?

Collen collen at zeist.hermanjordan.nl
Thu Mar 17 18:30:09 GMT 2005

Hmm, sorry tryed it, read the info. but pam_smbpass is only if you
use the samba (textfile) passwd backend.
so it's no good, if you have a mysql or other passdb backend.!
but i found a solution, without using winbind!

pam_smb_auth.so !! that did the trick..
only i downloaded the ftp://ftp.samba.org/pub/samba/pam_smb/ version.
but i saw there's an other version included with the samba source.
(../source/pam_smbpass) ?? but there's no readme on how to compile it..?

a well, it did the trick for me..

Michael Gasch wrote:
> the list mentions, that winbind should not run on a DC at all...why 
> don't you use pam_ldap/pam_smbpass module?
> greez

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