[Samba] ADS Samba Syncronisation

Saskia Whigham debianliste at gmx.de
Thu Mar 17 09:15:53 GMT 2005


my English is not very good. Sorry

My Problem: I have a Windows 2000 ADS Dommain and my Samba Server is Member
of this Domain. The Users has a lot of directorys on the Smab Server. The
User rights for the Smba Directorys are: owner root, group Windows 2000
group, other ---. The Access to the Directory is 770. Everything functions
supper but if i a Windows User change to a ohter Windows Group the Access
Rights become not syncronisiert to the Samba Server. They become first after
a new start of the samba of server syncronisiert. How do i handle that the
Windows Server synchronise the windows 2000 groups rights with the samba
server? Thanks for all answer

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