[Samba] SAMBA problem

Tony Earnshaw tonye at billy.demon.nl
Wed Mar 16 22:37:07 GMT 2005

samba at biased.org:


> Then I do an "smbpasswd -a piersk" and enter the password.
> All seems OK.  Then take one Windows 2000 computer, go to System
> Properties,
> then Network Identification, then click on "Properties", select "domain"
> and type in "bda-cdf" and click on "OK" and after a while, it asks for the
> username and password, and I enter "piersk" as username, and then the
> password, and it always return an "Logon filure: unknown username or bad
> password" even tho "pdbedit -Lv | grep piers" shows an entey.  We have
> been attacking this problem for several hours and we don't know what's
> wrong - we even tried debug level 3 but it's not showing anything helpful
> - does anyone have an idea where we are
> going wrong?

Basically,you have first to create a Posix user including his Posix group
(like in /etc/passwd and /etc/group - or the same in LDAP or NIS? if
you're into those), and only then can you run smbpasswd on that.

It's all in the docs, follow the docs (aka RTFM).

> Thanks very much for your help in advance

I didn't help in advance, I tried to help afterward. "Read the docs", is
good advice for "help in advance".


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