[Samba] Attachment. who can I best report this to for forensis?

Tony Earnshaw tonye at billy.demon.nl
Wed Mar 16 22:16:37 GMT 2005

Tony Earnshaw:

> Johan B, please let it through+ The headers are needed.
> I live in the Netherlands, where the police contacts for this sort of
> thing are grey and unknown to me.
> The Metropolitan Police (London only) in England is 100% on the ball,
> but they're under resourced and I don't live in their "manor" (London slang
> for area).
> I'd like to push it out to as powerful an organization as possible, that
> really cares. As a one-time father (they're long grown up now) I rate the
> sender on a par with the "terrorist" syndrome, that we've all seen so much
> of lately.
> Of course the shitt went through a zombie or open relay, of course it
> was sent anonymously, but that's what forensics are for. The proper
> authority will be keeping a database and ISP trail on the whole.That's why
> I'm asking SANS.

O.k., for the samba list readers, the samba list child porn attachment was
stripped, basta.

It wasn't to the dshield (SANS) list.


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