[Samba] Folder permissions not shown under XP

Brian H. Nelson bnelson at cis.ysu.edu
Wed Mar 16 17:40:07 GMT 2005


First, let me state that I have attempted to search for this topic and 
have only turned up other requests for the same issue. I couldn't find 
anything even remotely helpful for a solution. So, if this is a common 
issue, I apologize.

Anyways, on a WinXP client, opening the security properties on a folder 
(directory)in a samba share shows all the checkboxes as blank. Opening 
sec properties on a FILE works fine. Only directories show up blank. I 
am not sure what happens on a 2k or earlier box (I have none handy to test).

The folders do have unix permissions (770) on them, and no ACL. It just 
seems like windows doesn't 'see' them somehow. They are honored by 
windows though.

I saw this problem under 3.0.5, and still see it after upgrading to 
3.0.11. Samba is running on Solaris 8 on sparc.

Here is one article I found from awile back that seems to be the same 
problem, with no responces:

Any help or suggestions are welcome.



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