[Samba] Printer (PDF) Problem

Nick Gushlow nick.gushlow at westcoast.co.uk
Wed Mar 16 11:30:45 GMT 2005

On Wed, 2005-03-16 at 10:31 +0000, Hamish wrote:
> Are you sure its the printer? If so, maybe you could try using a
> different driver - we use an HP Colour Laserjet driver here, maybe you
> could experiment with others - as long as its postscript it will work.
> Hope that helps,
> H

It's definitely the having the printer that is causing the problems but
I'm pretty sure it's not the printer/samba setup.

We're using the Colorjet 8550 PS driver and that has worked fine.

If I copy the printer share in smb.conf and create a new one with a
different name, that works using the same driver.

I'm still convinced it must be a corrupt job but can't find anything in
the logs to point me to the culprit PC - although most of the staff turn
their PCs off at night (as is policy) so that points me more to a
corrupt spool file, but as I said nothing to be found in the tmp or
spool directories.

The problem has been consistent since Friday.  I've had the printer
turned off (commented out in smb.conf) for over 24 hours.  If I enable
it again, within a few minutes I see the smbd process hit 50%.

10974 nobody 25  0  3904 3904 2764  R    49.6 0.7  5:04   0 smbd


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