[Samba] second time posting help in case of winbind

ankush grover ankushmailing at gmail.com
Wed Mar 16 04:15:20 GMT 2005

hey friends,

I have configured samba with winbind.I have another samba server
running as fileserver for my Lan, the  machine name is "linux",the
data of the users resides on that samba server.

I want that the home directories of the users on the samba
server(fileserver) should be mapped to the users home directories on
the FC3 workstation where samba is configured with winbind and domain
users should be able to access those mapped directories.

Or mapping of the user's home directories from the samba server to the
FC3 workstations so that user can get their data from the windows
machines also when they access the samba server from the windows
network neighbourhood.As in my Lan few users are using both Linux and
Windows machine.

The problem i am facing is that the ids for the winbind starts from
the 167.... something in  8 digits where the user ids of the users
on the samba are in 4 digits can it be possible that the users on the
workstation are given the access to the mapped home directories of the
samba users.I even created some local users on FC3 workstation  as on
samba server with the same user ids but the problem is that whenever
any domain user logs in it gets the errors and he is not able to do
anything except rebooting the machine.

Now the question is that is it possible that with the winbind
authentication that the domain users can write to the nfs  mapped home
directories of the samba users.

for ex:

there is a domain user ankush ,the same user is also on
fileserver(samba machine) created locally on samba server ,the
samba/fileserver has security = domain and password server = domain
controller.Through windows i can browse the home directories and other
folders on which this user has access(ankush)

I have configured one FC3 workstation authentication set with winbind,
i want that the home directory on the samba/fileserver on the machine
"linux" is accessible to the domain user ankush from the FC3
workstation.The home directories for the domain users are getting
created when the user first time logs on the FC3 workstation.

Please give me a solution to this problem.

If anything is not clear please let me know i will try to explain it
again and if possible more briefly.

Thanks in advance



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