[Samba] Printer (PDF) Problem

Nick Gushlow nick.gushlow at westcoast.co.uk
Tue Mar 15 15:33:19 GMT 2005

Hi guys,

I've got a PDF printer setup on one of my Samba boxes that has been
running fine for months; however I'm now having problems with it despite
that fact that I've made no changes to Samba and performed no upgrades.

I'm thinking that the problem might be to do with a client PC sending a
large/corrupt stream to the printer.

Problem Symptoms:
- Samba process showing 50% CPU usage constantly
- Windows clients attempting to print report printer not responding
(after a long time) or crash

What I've tried:
- Renaming printer - works as normal
- Removing corrupt spool / temp files - none found
in /var/spool/samba /tmp /tmp/samba
- Look for possibly offending client PC in logs - none found (could be
I'm not looking for the right thing).

Anyone have any ideas what might be wrong and how to solve it?



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