[Samba] Samba + PDC + LDAP (Sun One DS 5.2, Messaging and Identity)

Hafiz Abdul Rehman tipu20 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 15 14:39:25 GMT 2005

I am planing to install Samba as PDC for Windows XP Machines and LDAP
(Sun ONE DS 5.2 + Messaging + Identity ) as backend sam
if some one have already setup this kind of environment and can write
down the steps in which order i have to install and configure products
what would be great

i am planing to go in following order

Install Solaris
Install Sun One DS 5.2 + messaging + identity 
configure DS 
Configure Solaris to logon to DS ( i have to do some research about
how to do this)
configure Messageing and update schema with Identity native schema
install samba with ldapsam 
configure Samba

i will appriciate if some one can guide me or give his input 



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