[Samba] [SMB 3.0.10] File Locking Mechanism Windows <-> Unix

Asif, M Asif.M at siemens.com
Tue Mar 15 14:24:38 GMT 2005

Hello Jeremy,

Thanks for your response.

I tried the following

On Windows side, an MFC application with the code given below access the
file using the samba share.

			CString strFile =
		CStdioFile fValueFile;
			if (!fValueFile.Open( strFile ,CFile::modeWrite |
CFile::shareExclusive    ) )
				wcout<<_T("Open failed")<<endl;
				//wcout<<_T("Open Success")<<endl;

		fValueFile.WriteString( strt );


On UNIX side, code is something similar to this

		int fid =
open("/export/home/scsd13/kiran/NetMBase/tmp/test.txt", O_RDWR|O_EXCL ) ;
		if( 0 > fid )

		struct flock lockDetails ;
		lockDetails.l_start = 0 ;
		lockDetails.l_whence = SEEK_SET;
		lockDetails.l_len = 0 ;
		lockDetails.l_type = F_WRLCK ;
		int nErr = fcntl( fid, F_SETLK, &lockDetails);
		if( 0 > nErr )

1. Two instances of the executable runs on Windows side, open fails with
sharing violation if the first one is not released ( blocked at getchar()
call) , no problem.
2. Same is the case with two instances of UNIX processes.
3.The unix process locks the file and does not release it (blocked at
getchar() ), and then the windows client is executed, WriteString throws an
exceptoin giving error 33(locked by other process). No problem 4. Now if the
Windows client opens the file first (blocked at getchar() ) and then the
unix client is invoked, the fcntl call succeeds... 

I tried lockf() instead of fcntl(), turned on mandatory locking etc, but
with no success.

Am I missing out some thing? Is there an easier way for getting this work?
Basically, I want to ensure that there is no read happening when any one
(from unix or windows) is writing into the file an vice versa.

Thanks a lot for your patience

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On Mon, Mar 14, 2005 at 03:12:34PM +0530, Asif, M wrote:
> The files under this directory are modified both from Windows and 
> Solaris programatically. When ever a process accesses a file in this 
> directory, it opens it in an exclusive mode ( DENY_ALL ). Now, this 
> works fine between two processes on Windows and between two UNIX 
> process (Gives equivalent of Winods error  53, File is used by another
> process) . But this does not work between Winodws and Unix. i.e Both 
> of them are able to open the file in exclusive mode!! I ran the 
> 'fuser' command in such a situation ( when both had exclusive accesses 
> to the file) and to my surprise I found that both smbd and the unix 
> process are listed

What is the UNIX process doing to enforce exclusivity ? What system call do
you think it does ?

Remember, share modes have no meaning on UNIX.


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