[Samba] Samba and cups printing: lp_servicenumber: couldn't find hl5150d

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Tue Mar 15 13:54:43 GMT 2005

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Peter Weiss wrote:
| Hello,
| found no answer for the following elsewhere setting up
| samba on a Debian box:  The printer is seen on the net from
| the clients but no printing is possible.
| I traced the thing down to the following:
| [2005/03/13 13:01:08, 10] printing/print_cups.c:cups_server(51)
|   cups server left to default localhost
| [2005/03/13 13:01:08, 7] param/loadparm.c:lp_servicenumber(4051)
|   lp_servicenumber: couldn't find hl5150d
| [2005/03/13 13:01:08, 8] param/loadparm.c:add_a_service(2305)
|   add_a_service: Creating snum = 7 for hl5150d
| Looking at the sources the printer is first looked up
| in lp_servicenumber() and _after that_ the service is added
| by add_a_service().  Has anyone a hint where to look at?

This is normal (the log message).  smbd defers to explicitly
defined shares in smb.conf.  We create one if [printers] exists
and the requested name can be validated by the printing subsystem.

Note that there were significant changes to this area between
3.0.10 and 3.0.11 (for the better).  I would recommend testing
3.0.11 (or 3.0.12rc1).

btw....you don't really give any details about  how 'no printing
is possible'

ciao, jerry
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