[Samba] Password Generator

Aaron J. Zirbes ajz at cccs.umn.edu
Tue Mar 15 13:17:04 GMT 2005


Are you suggesting you wish to generate easily crackable passwords for 
all your users?  I would strongly advise against this.  How soon do you 
want your systems broken into?

I would suggest you assign fully randomized passwords (mixed-case + 
numbers and characters), and then set a strict password requirements on 
your domain controller and workstations.  Then make sure your users 
change their passwords on their first logon to something they can remember.


Take a phrase,
	The "Quick Brown Fox" is getting very old!
Abbreviate it
And wala, a hard to crack password that's easy to remember.

Aaron Zirbes
Systems Administrator
Environmental Health Sciences
University of Minnesota

Lee Baker wrote:
> Can anyone suggest any apps/scripts for bulk generating passwords from
> real names (e.g. jsmith from John Smith) that would check for duplicated
> in an existing smbpasswd or passwd file and append a number to the
> username (e.g. jsmith1, jsmith2).
> Thanks
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> Music Technology Coordinator
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