[Samba] Documentation on Displaying Quotas

AndyLiebman at aol.com AndyLiebman at aol.com
Tue Mar 15 00:05:57 GMT 2005

Hi John (and others on the list)

Can I  suggest that you add some information to the new Samba docs explaining 
how to  make Linux (or I suppose other Unix) group quotas be reflected in My 
Computer  and/or Explorer when a Windows user accesses a share that is 
supposed to  controlled by a quota? 

Here was my particular situation this past week.  I was setting quotas based 
on Linux groups. Each Linux group had one main  directory on a storage volume. 
Inside that directory, each member of the group  had his/her own directory. 
All files that went into either the group's directory  or the user's 
sub-directories were set (via a sticky GID) to always belong to  the particular Linux 

So, on the Linux side, the quotas worked  perfectly. Set the quota to 200 GBs 
and when the total files stored in the  Group's directory, including the 
user's subdirectories, reached 200 GBs, no more  files could be written to the 
Group or User directories. 

The question  was, how to make My Computer or Explorer show how much space 
the group had left  when accessing a Samba share that either WAS the group 
directory or that was a  User directory inside the Group directory. 

The answer, it turns out, was  to use the "force group = Group Name" line in 
the share definition. We were  relying on Linux to impose the group name on 
every file, which it was in fact  doing perfectly. However, only the "force 
group = Group Name" line made Samba  report to Windows that the amount of space 
left was what was left according to  the quota. 

It would be nice to document this in "The Official Samba-3  How-to" -- under 
the "force group" listing in the "smb.conf" section, and in a  separate place 
that was more about quotas (I don't know where). 

Unless  this is the wrong way to get Windows to display this information. We 
certainly  couldn't find much information on how to do this. 

Andy  Liebman  

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