[Samba] Client does not automatically remount Samba server after reboot?

Parker Johnson parker at iodalliance.com
Mon Mar 14 23:15:59 GMT 2005

Been googling for awhile for an answer to this problem without too much 
luck finding an answer.  Although I have a hard time believing that this 
hasn't been run into before.  Let me preface this by saying although I 
have some nfs experience, i'm pretty much a samba newb.

When we reboot our samba server (redhat 9) all of our samba clients 
(also redhat 9--mount options listed below), lose the mount even after 
the server comes back up.  Actually to be more specific, they still have 
the mount listed from the mount command, but a df -k on that mount 
reports erroneous size results and when you cd into the mount point, it 
shows files on the local filesystem.  To fix the problem we have been 
unmounting and remounting everything again, but there has to be a better 

Is this typical samba behavior?  Is there a way to ensure that the 
mounts come back automatically?

Here is the mount cmd we are using from the linux client::
mount //mascis/music4 /music4 -t smbfs -o 


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