[Samba] W2K Server and Workstation can't join SMB/LDAP domain

Mccrory, Kevin B kevin.mccrory at eds.com
Mon Mar 14 23:02:29 GMT 2005

I have a SMB Domain set up with a PDC and BDC. The BDC is joined to the PDC
domain fine and shows up in the LDAP directory. 
I can add and delete users to the LDAP directory. I can use the user
accounts to access the Linux boxes. My W2K boxes see the domain and domain
servers when browsing. I can access the shared drive on the PDC.

I cannot join the Windows servers to the domain. I get an error that the
domain mphq-cops can't be located. I've run an nbtstat that shows the domain
name listed and its resolving to the correct IP address. In fact I turned
off the BDC for a while so that there would only be one DC in the mix in
case my config was wrong.  The W2K machines showed the domain with the PDC
IP address. When I turned the BDC back on nbstat showed the domain name
resolving to the BDC ip address which is what I would expect would happen.

I've tried adding the workstation accounts manually using smbldap-useradd -w
. The machine name correctly appears when I do a ldapsearch -x -b however
using getent group does not show the machine names in the Domain Computers
group. Is this normal?

I've checked and rechecked the Administrator account and made sure the
password is correct for the account. 

Not sure where to go from here... Some pointers on what to look at would be
greatly appreciated...


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