[Samba] EA support for AIX 5.3

William Jojo jojowil at hvcc.edu
Mon Mar 14 19:52:02 GMT 2005

Jerry, Jeremy,

Whilst fixing  bug 2445, I stumbled across NFSv4 ACLs with EA version 2
capability. This is only supported on filesystems that are created JFS2
with Extended Attribute Version 2 support which is part of the NFSv4 ACL
support native to JFS2 in AIX 5.3.

This is new in AIX 5.3 and I'd like to get to work implementing it as an
addition to Linux and IRIX EA support. Are the any docs that I can get
started on making this happen? I'm looking through the EA code now, but
any help would be greatly appreciated.

I'd also be putting together documentation on how to implement this for
AIX 5.3 admins.


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