[Samba] a request for a doc to get acl's working....

mourik jan c heupink heupink at intech.unu.edu
Mon Mar 14 18:22:52 GMT 2005

   dear people,

   I've searched for hours, and I really can't seem to find *THE*

   Is there a document somewhere that outlines how to get acl editing to
   work from windows?

   getfacl and setfacl all work, I can change whatever I want from the
   command line when I'm root. Using xfs, samba3.0.11 with ldap, and in
   my ldap is administrator. (because I thought that with 3.0.11 root is
   not needed anymore, because of the new privileges options)

   I ALWAYS get access denied when I try to change an acl. There must be
   a setting somewhere that I miss...

   My own account is in domain administrators group. I would like to be
   able to change acl's on my shares using my own account.

   Does anyone have a list of requirements, or a document describing how
   to realise this?

   I'm would be very grateful for ANY insight!

   Mourik Jan

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