[Samba] Samba3 in W2k AD, W98 clients need password for Samba share

blaz.primc at guest.arnes.si blaz.primc at guest.arnes.si
Mon Mar 14 17:59:41 GMT 2005

smb.conf: http://loophole.mine.nu/misc/smb.conf
log for a Windows 98 client trying to access samba computer:
http://loophole.mine.nu/misc/log.pt07_part (partial)

Greets, Blaz.

PS.: I'm sorry for sending 3 mail for the same subject but I had had
access to log and config file before...

> Hello everybody,
> I've setup a file server with Debian GNU/Linux (Sarge) and Samba
> with ACL, Kerberos etc... so I can join the Windows 2000 domain. I can 
> use users from domain on file server without problems and Windows 2000, 
> XP clients can access Samba shares.
> But when I try to connect to \\fs from Windows 98 client (in domain) it 
> requests password from me (\\fs\IPC$). I have read through the mailing 
> list but haven't come across a userful hint...
> Before this Linux, Windows 2000 were doing the job and everything
> okay for Windows 98 clients too, so I believe I misconfigured something.
> I'm using encrypted passwords in Samba and shares have set: guest ok
= no.
> What else can I try?! Suggestions are truly wanted!
> Thanks, Blaz.
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