[Samba] I want shares on demand

Rob Brenart (TT) Rob.Brenart at tradingtechnologies.com
Mon Mar 14 17:34:20 GMT 2005

I have many shares in my fstab which look just like so...

//machinename/sharename /mnt/foo smbfs
credentials=credfile,rw,user,gid=sambawrites,fmask=0774,dmask=0774 0 0

And they work generally fine. But sometimes weird things happen, i.e.
the power goes out, and the linux server comes up before the machines
with the shares do, or one of the machines with the shares gets turned
off for a couple days, or there's just weird network problems around the

When this happens the shares are obviously no good. What I'm looking
for, is the ability to have the share automatically remounted next time
someone attempts to access it.

So if I go to /mnt/foo and /mnt/foo is not mounted, I want it

Is this possible, am I in the wrong forum?


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