[Samba] Samba and Group Quotas

AndyLiebman at aol.com AndyLiebman at aol.com
Sat Mar 12 18:21:11 GMT 2005


Does Samba (3.0.11 and above)  support the use of group quotas? 

I have set up quotas on my Linux box  based on "Linux groups". A given "Linux 
group" gets "X GBs" of space on a given  volume "V". 

Now, I want Windows XP users who map a share that  a)  belongs to their 
"Linux group" and b) that resides on volume "V" to see the  reported "total free 
space" as being the number of GB allocated to the "Linux  group" minus the total 
amount of space used by that group -- so that they can  see when they (and 
other members of their group) about to hit their quota and  run out of space. 

Important to note is that the files of a given "Linux  group" will all reside 
within a single directory on the storage Volume. In other  words, each high 
level directory on the storage volume belongs to a unique  "Linux group", and 
all the files inside that directory belong to the same "Linux  group". No files 
outside that high level directory, or inside any other high  level directory, 
will belong to the same group.

Right now, when a user  maps a share that belongs to a "Linux group" with the 
quota, the user is seeing  that the entire volume "V" is available. 

It is NOT an option to set  quotas by individual users -- as individual users 
are members of more than one  group. 

Any hints and suggestions would be appreciated. 

Andy  Liebman  

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