[Samba] AutoCad 2004, Samba 3.0.11 & file locking issues

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Sat Mar 12 15:00:05 GMT 2005

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Bill Arlofski wrote:
| Sorry for such a long post as my first to the list, but in an effort to
| forego a long back and forth question/answer session via email, I think
| if I post all the information that I currently have someone may be able
| to more quickly spot my issue.
| The server in question is a Gentoo server running Samba 3.0.11.
| The basic problem is that when person A opens an AutoCad file, person B
| is unable to open the file and is told (by an Autocad dialog box):
| "Cannot find the scpcified drawing file. Please verify that the network
| drive is available and the file exists"
| Now, this Samba server replaced an NT 4 server and the client says that
| in the past, when ever person b tried to open an already opened Autocad
| file, they would be allowed to open it in Read-only mode, which is
| exactly what they expect and want to happen.

I think we actually need a raw network trace
(tcpdump -w /tmp/dump.pcap -s 0 -i eth0 host <client ip>)
and a level 10 smbd debug log

You might want to test 3.0.12rc1 since jeremy just fixed an
issue with pending modtimes that fixed issues with excel.

cheers, jerry
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