[Samba] Access to NFS through samba

nac kawathekar nascomp19 at rediffmail.com
Sat Mar 12 12:31:51 GMT 2005

 Hello all,
I have the following problem:
I wish to access the NFS shares through Windows.

I want guideline on the following issues : 

1.One of the solution to above problem involves sharing the same share(directory) using   Samba server and NFS server.But won't this give rise to conflicts with respect to access    permission bits of that particular directory being shared.
  (Because Samba does the Mapping of the permission bits with respect to windows whereas       NFS does it with respect to unix/linux)
  How shall this conflict be overcome ?
2.Another solution involves introduction of a separate machine in the network,on which the 
  required NFS share is mounted and then is shared through Samba. I wish to know the         possible disadvantages of this solution.
  Does the above conflict of permission bits occur in this case.
3.Does any other solution exist? Is it possible to somehow map the SMB protocol with NFS     protocol,(because the SMB protocol is more stringent than NFS protocol).



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