[Samba] Do I need two instances of Samba on the same machine (3rd request) ?

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Fri Mar 11 10:57:39 GMT 2005

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Farkas Levente wrote:
| Dani Camps wrote:
|> Hi John,
|> I read your example in chapter and my case is exactly
|> the same but instead of having a domain I want a
|> workgroup. I think my configuration is the same you
|> show in the example except of the domain specific
|> commands. My smb.conf in the server is:
| currently as i wrote a few times in the last years
| it's not possible to  run more samba server at the same machine
| (or it will become a whole mess). it's better to try
| to find other solution.:-(((

Sure it is.  Worked last time I tried.  It's multiple winbindd
installations on the same machine that we don't support.

cheers, jerry
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