[Samba] Excel File Open Issue - Possibly Samba Related

Jeremy Allison jra at samba.org
Fri Mar 11 01:59:20 GMT 2005

On Wed, Mar 09, 2005 at 09:54:29AM -0500, klubarpop wrote:
> We were having the same problem with Excel ... Different version of Samba.
> Applying a fix detailed in MS KB # 324491 solved the problem for us.  (We
> use Office 11 although the fix talks about Office 10  -- Office 11 = Office
> 2003  Office 10 = Office XP for those who don't keep up with such things.)
> Do a search for QFE_Saskatchewan for the registry key.  Anyone have any idea
> why the key is named Saskatchewan?
> Hope this helps
> Ken Lubar
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> Okay....  Problem did not go away.  I un-shared (multi-user) the file to
> clear out the changelog, and the problem did go away.  At this point I'm
> going to assume a malformed entry in the changelog or a changelog that was
> just too darn big.  (Before, size was 25MB, after removing sharing it was
> 2.5MB and opened in 1/8th the time.)
> HOWEVER, upon upgrading to 3.0.11 as suggested, now ALL shared
> (multi-user) Excel files are, at apparent random, displaying a message "This
> file has been locked.  To save changes you must save under a different file
> name and merge....(blah, blah)"  We never had this problem under 3.0.7.  I
> have "log level=1" and nothing is showing up in the logs.

Ok - I think I may have fixed this in the current SVN code in SAMBA_3_0
without needing the strange registry keys.

I'm looking for people willing to test this before the 3.0.12 release.

Please give ths code a test and give me some feedback. I can't reproduce
the problem here with Office 2003 and the latest SAMBA_3_0 SVN code.


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