[Samba] Why need to add a machine account to /etc/passwd first with Samba+LDAP

Steve Zeng szeng at mainframe.ca
Thu Mar 10 20:56:26 GMT 2005


I am using Samba 3.0.10 PDC with LDAP as password DB. Before we use 
smbpasswd as passwd DB and every time I need to add a machine account 
into /etc/passwd so that the mahcine can join the domain. My 
understanding for LDAP is, this step is not needed any more since we 
will put all machine account into "ou=Computers". But I am proved to be 

Is this the way Samba works? I mean, samba has to make sure a machine 
account exist in the /etc/passwd file of Samba PDC, doesn't it?


Steve Zeng
Systems Administrator
Mainframe Entertainment Inc
T: (604) 628-1000 ext 5293

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