[Samba] How to assign Administrator's rights?

John Schmerold john at katy.com
Thu Mar 10 19:59:40 GMT 2005

All our enduser computers use the same password for their administrator 
password in localgroup

We copy cpua from http://joeware.net/win to a public directory on the 

In our login scripts I put the following line:
\\fs1\sys\public\cpau /profile /u administrator /p pw /ex "net 
localgroup administrators %userdomain%\%username% /add"

This should get the job done for you.

Obviously the main drawback is that you are giving everyone 
administrative rights & local machines are insecure as a result.

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Luca Olivetti wrote:

> Most of my users (unfortunately me included) need to use a bloated, 
> badly designed piece of sh^Hoftware that only works with 
> administrator's rights (I won't say names but it's from a big german 
> company strongly pushing for software patents).
> How can I assign those users Administrator's rights without phisically 
> going to each machine?
> I cold put them in the 'Domain Admins' group, but I don't think it's 
> the right solution.
> I tried playing with the 'Administrators' builtin but I cannot make it 
> work (see my other message "Are builtin groups supposed to work with 
> ldap").

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