[Samba] Print spool icon in systray reports jobs pending when none are pending

Bill Arlofski waa-samba at revpol.com
Thu Mar 10 16:57:45 GMT 2005

John H Terpstra wrote:
> On Thursday 10 March 2005 09:45, Bill Arlofski wrote:
>>I have an issue I'd like to resolve with a client and the print spool
>>icon in the systray...
>>If the user (on w2k) mouses over the print spool icon, it tells them
>>"xxx jobs in queue" or some such, and the xxx increments once for each
>>new print job they send.
>>Also, the print spool icon never disappears from the systray until a
>>reboot, or re-login. Once a job is sent to one of the samba-served
>>printers, the spool icon reappears with symptoms noted above.
>>Any ideas?  Using Samba 3.0.9 and cups. This is happening for all users.
>>I checked the changelog from 3.0.9 to 3.0.11 and didn't find anything
>>relating to this specific issue, but plan upgrading soon hust the same.
> Suggest you update to 3.0.11 as  it will likely cure your problem. There are a 
> number of printing related fixes in 3.0.11 and the problem of print jobs not 
> being deleted cropped up prior to release of 3.0.11 and unless I am mistaken 
> is fixed in this release.
> - John T.

Ok, will upgrade (probably today)   but one thing I think I failed to 
mention inmy origonal post was that if the user OPENS the print spool, 
there are no jobs listed in it. The number of jobs supposedly pending 
only display when they mouse over the spool icon.

Thanks for the speedy reply. :)

Bill Arlofski
waa-samba at revpol.com

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