[Samba] IP address cannot be retrieved only names of PCs are there. How to get it right?

watssabb wathavy watssaby at yahoo.co.jp
Thu Mar 10 12:21:24 GMT 2005


I have GUI samba, smbk4 working nearly perfect.
I can only find names of PCs.
These PC stay away from my PC side across the router.
They are addressed like 192.168.1.xxx unlike mine
which are numbered 192.168.3.xxx.

My windows PC can access them with lmhosts file
which got IP address listed with PC names on the
other side of the router.

So I put the lmhosts to /etc/samba/ directry.

I have not succeeded having IP's yet.

Any idea on what I am missing?

Thank you in advance.


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