[Samba] Do I need two instances of Samba on the same machine (3rd request) ?

Adam Tauno Williams awilliam at whitemice.org
Thu Mar 10 11:58:35 GMT 2005

> > Run one Samba instance as the WINS server and
> > disable browsing on the
> > clients (easy if the Samba server is also the DHCP
> > server).
> The machine that is in the two subnets is a Samba
> server (one instance) a WINS server and a DHCP server,
> but is not working actually only the clients in one
> subnet see each other, the clients in the other subnet
> don't see anything. And I have checked that the
> instance of Samba is listening on both subnets.
> What do u mean with disable the browsing in the
> clients ? I want the clients to be able to browse the
> workgroup

Browsing and the ability-to-browse (network neighborhood) are two
different things.  Change the NetBIOS node type of the workstations so
they only use WINS and make sure they have the WINS server value in
their network configuration (either statically or acquired by DHCP).  If
you don't know what the NetBIOS Node Type is then you need to read up on
it, or you'll never get this to work.

If this box is supposed to be the router between the two subnets make
sure basic IP functionality is up and running first; a box on one subnet
can ping a box on the other subnet.
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